Fixed Speed Camera

  • Work in day and night
  • Speed extraction and plate reading of all vehicles
  • Extraction of Instantaneous, mean speed, and vehicles dimensions

دوربین سرعت سنج و ثبت تخلف رهنگر پویا فن آوران کوثر


Mobile Speed Camera

  • Completely based on Image Processing
  • Speed extraction in mobile and stationary mode
  • Recognition and tracking multi targets simultaneously

  زانتیای نامحسوس مجهز به دوربین سرعت سنج و ثبت تخلف بهبین

Embedded ANPR Camera

  • All in one ANPR (LPR) camera
  • Embedded processing
  • Low power consumption
  • High precision
  • Working in all light and weather conditions


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